Legal Services


  • handling of contract management through the stages of negotiations, conclusion and execution;
  • drafting domestic and international contracts;
  • reviewing the provisions of drafts prior to it signature and re-examining the provisions upon signature to identify the potential risks and consequences;
  • Reviewing of contracts to make the necessary modifications and adjustments;
  • Preparing and submitting performance-obligation schedules and monitoring the implementation of its provisions;
  • conducting legal documentation of the company's activities in the contract execution/performance stages;

Administrative Instructions

  • Preparing legal instructions and guidelines for the staff and directors of companies (upon approval of companys’ management) for the prevention of civil and criminal liabilities due to their actions and decisions, including but not limited to instructions governing the implementation of agreements, issuance or obtaining of commercial papers and instruments, monitoring or performance of communications and written correspondences, and utilization or preparation of Regulations for Drawing up Contracts and Transactions.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Identifying commercial property including trademarks and patents;
  • Carrying out of registration and establishing legal protection of commercial property including trademarks and patents;
  • Taking legal action for protection of intellectual property rights;


  • Filing civil or criminal actions in Iran or abroad representing the company at the discretion and decision of the company's management;
  • Acting on behalf of the company, at the discretion and decision of the company's management, in civil or criminal suits filed against the company in Iran or abroad;
  • Enforcing and executing judgments passed by competent judicial authorities;
  • Conducting a limited scope representation to study the case, and providing legal advice and judicial opinions;
  • Providing statements of defense to be submitted to the competent judicial authorities hearing the case;

Quasi-Judicial Affairs

  • Filing suits on behalf of companies or represent and defend them in suits in quasi-judicial authorities including the Iranian SSO Commission, the Tax Commissions, the competent labor and employment committees, the municipality commissions, etc.
  • Filing suits in the Iranian Administrative Justice Tribunal on behalf of companies;
  • Conducting a limited scope representation to study the case, and providing legal advice and judicial opinions;
  • Providing statements of defense to be submitted to the competent judicial authorities hearing the case;
  • Carrying out the registration procedures in registration authorities including the Iranian Office for Registration of Deeds and Properties, Office for Registration of Companies and Non Commercial Institutions, Registry of Trademarks, Iran Intellectual Property Office, Registration Office of Industrial Property, etc.

Services for obtaining a license

  • Working on draft license agreements and conducting pre-conclusion negotiations;
  • Reviewing agreements upon conclusion and identifying obligations, risks and potential liabilities;
    • Supervision over regulatory compliance and implementation of license
    • Conducting post-conclusion negotiations for the interpretation of agreements and provision of practical implementation strategies and solutions;
    • Establishing effective communication with regulatory bodies to identify newly ratified regulations and conduct negotiations prior to approval;
  • Monitoring new laws and regulations influencing the implementation of obligations and rectifying the processes accordingly;
  • Proposing administrative and implementation instructions and processes in line with corporate requirements in conformity with license and other laws and regulations;
  • Managing, supervising and establishing correspondence with supervisory bodies in relation to the license;
  • Creating regulatory compliance document(s) (schedule for performance obligations) and monitoring full implementation of the document;
  • Establishing necessary communication and handling applications for obtaining of permits, approval of tariffs, and negotiation and follow-up until finalization;
  • Following up the possible notices issued by supervisory bodies to settle the problem through negotiation and correspondence, or taking remedial actions and modification as the case may be;
  • Building a smart document and correspondence management archive and present the necessary documents upon request.

Administrative Affairs

  • Following up administrative affairs by referring to governmental, public or private entities;
  • Establishing communication or supervising the correspondences concerning administrative affairs;
    • Settling companies’ claims and lawsuits out of court;
    • Arbitration
  • Attending arbitration hearings on behalf of companies;
  • Arbitrating companies dispute(s) with parties and issuing an arbitral award;
  • Enforcing arbitral awards through judicial authorities;
    • Legal Advice
  • Participating in meetings convened to provide legal opinions at the request of company’s’ management;
  • Providing legal solutions to members of the board of directors and executive managers to make appropriate decisions;
  • Providing legal advice on corporate law including the legal relationship between shareholders and responsibility of directors towards shareholders and third parties, offering suitable solutions, preparing and filing respective documents and minutes of meetings;


Financing advisory service

  • Consulting about Fund raising solutions in the Iran financial Market via money market like: loans or capital market like Equity Raisings and IPO solutions.
  • Consulting about Listing in the Iran Capital market.

Investment advisory service

  • Introducing investment opportunities in Iran including: investment research and evaluation.
  • Preparing analytical and market research reports about the opportunities of investment in different industries in Iran.
  • Evaluating potential investment opportunities in the Iran Capital Market. Portfolio and wealth management for clients.
  • Preparing Business plan for new Business origination or major changes in new ventures. Preparing Feasibility Studies.
  • Consulting about managing and investing customer assets in diverse funds like stock funds or fixed income funds in the Iran financial market.
  • Consulting about Investing on different securities Like treasury bonds, corporate bonds, Stocks and funds in the Iran Financial Market.
  • Valuation of Securities like stocks in block trading or advising on value of target company in M&A activities.
  • Identifying investment needs of clients and Linking them with professional investors in Iranian industries.

Banking advisory service

  • Consulting on how to open bank account in Iran; Consulting on how to transfer money between accounts in Iran and other countries.
  • Consulting on how to open letters of guarantee and letters of credit in Iran.
  • Consulting on how to take loans in Iran.
  • Consulting about other banking services like: processing a cheque or payment instruction.

General Tax Accounting Service

  • Issuing tax accounting documents;
  • Preparing tax returns at the end of fiscal Year;
  • Preparing tax returns at the end of fiscal Year;
  • Preparing reports to be enclosed to the statement submitted to the Iranian Taxation Affairs Organization;
  • Preparing the bills for defending employers’ rights at the time of investigation of legal books of the Iranian fiscal year subject to Clause 2 of Article (97) of the Direct Taxation Act;
  • Presenting solutions for the Tax Office;
  • Consulting about observance of internal controls for tax auditing;
  • Presenting solutions for the SSO office;
  • Rendering other financial and taxation controls, also defending employers’ right vis-a-vis Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  • Preparing VAT tax returns and other tax consulting related to VAT.
  • Preparing quarterly purchase and sell reports on time to tax organizations.
  • Obtaining tax clearance, SSO and other needed clearance related to tax and SSO. Preparing tax clearance and advising on payroll tax.
  • Controlling internal accounting documents about withholding tax.
  • Preparing monthly payroll tax lists.
  • Preparing monthly- payroll SSO lists.
  • Preparing tax calendar in order to avoid any penalties due to delay of payments to the Tax Office.

Accounting services

  • Consulting about observance of internal controls for financial auditing.
  • Preparing tax returns at the end of fiscal Year;
  • Preparing financial statements based on information and requirement of the company for submitting to the Iranian Taxation Affairs Organization.

Human Resources services


  • Providing consultation required for establishing corporate structure and strategic human resources planning;
  • Providing guidance to improve the existing corporate structure to enhance organizational efficiency;
  • Reviewing the existing organizational structure to find potential problems and providing solutions to solve them;
  • Preparing internal guidelines and regulations in different areas such as training and staff performance assessment;
  • Providing advice and guidance on determination of job descriptions;
  • Developing remuneration and salary structure and providing appropriate guidance in order to fix any probable faults;


  • Developing and defining recruitment processes and staffing strategies;
  • Providing training services to conduct interviews for recruiting the right person for each job;
  • Finding and hiring appropriate resources, as required, to complete the organizational structure.

Marketing services

Supporting companies with strategic counsel, creative solutions and timely, responsive services, monitoring your business performance to help you gain more market share operating in Iran's highly competitive market :

Business Development

  • Helping to set the business development building blocks:
    • Situation Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Defining goals, objectives, strategies and tactics
  • Helping to get measurable integrated marketing plans by meticulously setting:
    • Market segmentation
    • Target group definition
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Communication and distribution strategies
  • Working with our business partners to provide the most effective B2C/ B2B business plans

Brand and communications

  • Enjoying the support of top level professional advertising agencies in the field of marketing services
  • Corporate identity
  • Brand identity/ brand Architecture
  • Advertising and Campaign management (consumer and trade)
  • Creative development and Production (including copy, design and production)
  • Event management
  • Media planning and buying; full national media contacts and connections (regional and online)
  • PR (accountable KPIS)
  • Full monitoring service (competitor and ecosystem monitoring)
  • Trade marketing/channel development
  • Merchandising/brand visibility (production, field, execution and monitoring)
    • Communication/road show
    • Mystery shopping
    • Sales seport
    • Retail audit
    • Trade promotions


  • Our team will help the clients throughout the processes of:
    • Idea generation
    • Idea screening
    • Idea development and testing
    • Business analysis
    • Beta testing and market testing
    • Technical implementation
    • Commercialization
    • Pricing

Research (quantitative and qualitative)

  • Businesses need to be aware of and in pursuit of opportunities for growth and expansion. In order to do that:
    • You will be connected to the most competitive national and international research agencies;
    • Our team will accompany you throughout the way so that all your research needs are perfectly met and the quality of the received data is constantly monitored.