Borhan Atinegar Consultants

In today's complex economic and legal environment, decision-making requires the use of expert advice in the fields of finance, investment and marketing, as well as an awareness of tax and other legal laws and regulations. Knowledge in these areas is a key factor in business.

Having a thorough knowledge of the regulations and conditions governing the Iranian market, along with its team of expert professionals in a variety of areas including legal, financial, marketing and human resources, Borhan Atinegar Consultants Company is proud to provide its clients with an array of professional management consulting services to assist them in their domestic and international investments. The mission of the company is to offer specialized, creative, knowledge-based and forward-thinking consultation to individuals as well as local and international companies relevant to their needs.

The mission started with the participation of our experienced and successful experts, consultants and managers in the legal, financial and marketing areas in various industries, including telecommunications, information technology, e-commerce, aviation industry, banking, finance, etc. Borhan Atinegar Consultants Company is ready to provide professional services to its clients relying on more than 10 years of experience and expert knowledge of its staff in providing specialized services to highly successful organizations and companies at the local and international level. Providing quality service and commitment to confidentiality are among the values governing the activities of the Consultation Group in this company.

As one of the first integrated companies in Iran, Borhan is established to offer a comprehensive package of management consulting services and thereby meeting all the needs of its clients. The companies using our business solutions are no longer in need of referring to various institutions to receive their required services. As a plus, they can also receive consulting services in an integrated and coherent form. We are aware that the legal, financial and strategic affairs of all companies are closely tied, and we can manage all these affairs harmoniously with an aligned outcome by offering combined consultation packages.